We’ve developed a unique batch technology. It makes the reactor easier to construct and the process easier to operate compared to other pyrolysis processes. For the same reason, our technology entails substantially lower costs than competing tech.

The process


Our technology is based on pyrolysis which processes the plastic at high temperatures. Pyrolysis can be used to treat polymers that have exhausted their potential for mechanical recycling or otherwise cannot be recycled.
The process

Our Batch Technology

  • Extremely tolerant to various types and grades of plastic waste
  • Indiscriminate intake of polluted plastic waste
  • No sorting of plastic waste before processing needed
  • Robust and flexible w/o risk of breakdown of production

Our product

At WPU we focus on our area of expertise: converting plastic waste into oil (Naphta). Once produced, we leave it to others to process and refine it into different products.


We don’t claim to be the answer to the worldwide challenge plastic waste creates. But with our more sustainable alternative to landfill and incineration we are confident that we can play an important part.

The plastic

We only process ISCC PLUS-certified end-of-life plastic.


Compared with incineration our facilities reduce CO2-emissions.
Calculations by Viegand Maagøe A/S


Excess heating from our facilities can be utilized by both private households and industry.

Circular process

We use gas from the production process to keep the pyrolysis process going.


The technology is developed in collaboration with DTU (Technical University of Denmark). A subsidy for the project was granted Innovation Fund Denmark.

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