The first step towards the WPU facility in Odsherred in Denmark was taken in 2019.

The company takes off as Niels Bagge and Niels Stielund in autumn of 2019 decide to participate in the project only a few months apart.

In 2020 a succession of successful tests prove the great potential of the technology.

In August of 2020 WPU alongside with DTU receive financial support from the Innovation Fund in Denmark. This money goes to further development of the technology.

In 2022 WPU entered a strategic cooperation with Vitol, one of the largest energy and commodities companies in the world.

Thus, the same year WPU turned the first sod on a new plant in Fårevejle in Odsherred Kommune. A municipality in the eastern part of Denmark.

The construction of a further two plants is already scheduled. They will be located in the cities Nakskov and Esbjerg. They will be ready to process the first batch of plastic waste in 2024.

Combined the plants will be able to process approximately 160,000 tonnes of plastic waste yearly.

Organizational chart

Niels Bagge

Niels Bagge is the administrative director of WPU. He has previously managed million-dollar projects – i.a. for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and Nykredit. In 2017 he sold the lifting company HH-Intellitech which he also start-up and build.


Niels Stielund

Niels Stielund is the chairman of the board and one of the main shareholders of WPU. He has 30 years’ worth of experience with creating companies while being the CEO of multiple companies in Denmark and abroad.