Why invest?

WPU is developing rapidly. Our plans to construct three plants that from the year 2024 will recycle 159.000 tonnes of waste plastic have already been set in motion. The first plant in Fårevejle will be in full operation from Q1 in 2023.

We believe that it makes sense to drive your car, sail, and fly on waste plastic, not on bio-oils cultivated on our agricultural land.

WPU was listed on the Euronext Growth in Oslo on April 22 2022, so the journey does not end here.

As an investor, you can help us scale pyrolysis technology to further sites in Denmark and the rest of the world.


As of now we are constructing three plants in Fårevejle, Nakskov and Esbjerg in Denmark. These three plants contain 30 production facilities in total.


The expected outcome is that the plants can convert 159.120 tonnes of plastic waste in 2024.

million DKK a year

The expected net sales will be DKK 622 million. The annual result will be DKK 532 million.


Due to our ambitious construction plans we need a large amount of plastic waste in the upcoming years to keep the production going.

Numbers from The Danish Environmental Protection Agency indicate that 370.000 tonnes of waste plastic annually end up in the Danish incinerating facilities.

We have already entered agreements with a range of suppliers.

We also have agreements with several companies ready to make use of our plastic oils.