Why invest?

WPU was listed on the Euronext Growth in Oslo in 2022. The first plant in Fårevejle is built and began production in 2024.

Furthermore, two plants in Nakskov and Esbjerg are planned and ready for construction. We expect them to hit full production during 2026.

So the journey doesn’t end here.

As an investor, you can help us scale pyrolysis technology to further sites in Denmark and the rest of the world.


The first plant in Fårevejle started production in 2023, and we are also constructing plants in Nakskov and Esbjerg. They will hit full production in 2026.


The expected outcome is that the plants can convert 159.000 tonnes of plastic waste in 2026.

million DKK a year

The expected net sales will be DKK 622 million. The annual result will be DKK 532 million.


vitolOur offtake agreement with Vitol grants the global energy and commodities company the rights to purchase all WPU products. The delivery contracts run ten years from the commencement of production from each facility.

Danish consumer-owned bank Nykredit has entered a strategic and financial partnership with WPU. It has helped secure a double-digit DKK million amount for funding.

The technology is developed in collaboration with DTU (Technical University of Denmark). A subsidy for the project was granted Innovation Fund Denmark.