New Life to Plastic Waste

Plastic waste as a valuable resource

In April 2023, we began converting plastic waste into oil (naphta) at our brand-new facility in Fårevejle, Denmark.

A milestone for us and a development that shows how end-of-life plastic can be a valuable resource.


At WPU, we do it by using pyrolysis – a well-established process – but what sets us apart is our proprietary batch and process technology which has been thoroughly tested and is now proving its worth.

Next step

We’ve planned and prepared for the construction of our next facilities in Nakskov and Esbjerg. These facilities will be fully operational by the end of 2026. All production from our initial factories will be bought by the global energy and commodities company Vitol.

Vitol believes that the WPU proprietary process technology will make a significant impact in the future plastic waste upcycling industry.” Tom Baker, Global Head of Naphtha trading at Vitol



Commenced production in April 2023 and comprises of six reactors capable of handling 42.000 tonnes of plastic waste yearly.

Our facilities


Estimated start of construction in Q4 2023. The facility is fully operational in 2025.

Our facilities


Location at the port of Esbjerg is secured. Fully operational in 2026.

Our facilities

International expansion

A key part of the growth plan is expansion outside of Denmark.

To accelerate the process, we plan to use partnerships where we provide the technology, know-how and software.

The partners will provide access to ISCC+ certified plastics and local knowledge on construction and operation of the plants. With a modular approach and a light capital expenditure for the construction of new facilities, we can expand at a high pace.



Our factories are built using a modular approach, which allows us to quickly and easily expandwhen necessary. Our production process is refined but simple, which minimizes the risk of disruptions and ensures a more stable production compared to our competitors.

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